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 "Only The Best For My Guests!"                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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A Trusted Friend presents a low-stress handling experience! Feel at ease knowing your loved ones will not only be safe and secure but happy and extremely well cared for!

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 Hello! My name is Priyanka Rogers. 

I am excited to announce my arrival to the Kansas City area! I am 38 years old and for a decade and a half, I have been practicing in Florida as a qualified veterinary technician, professional pet groomer, nutritional counselor, and kennel technician with extensive training in low-stress handling. When I'm not working, I enjoy going on local excursions, attending community events, and spending time with my four precious animals...Go Chiefs!

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About Me
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Dr. David Anthony
DVM and Founder of Florida Veterinary Clinic

Working as a professional in the veterinary field since 2008, it is clear that Priyanka demonstrates a genuine passion for caring for animals and people alike. In her time at Florida Veterinary Clinic, she not only provided compassionate and complex care to critically ill patients, but she became our designated professional for all grooming needs. Priyanka's caring and patient nature, coupled with her keen attention to detail, make her a superior choice for grooming. While we were very sad to lose Priyanka at Florida Veterinary Clinic, we know her unique expertise will be tremendously beneficial to those seeking an unparalleled grooming experience in Kansas City and surrounding areas. 

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Long-Term Client 
10+ Years

We have known Priyanka for over a decade. She is just so knowledgeable about pets, taking us through everything from grooming a nervous schnauzer to advice on new cat adjustments, pet skin issues, food concerns and behavior tips. Her gentle love for animals is reflected in everything she does! 

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Director, Chief Instructor of Academy of Animal Arts Inc.

Priyanka possesses exceptional skills in not only the technical aspect of this profession but also in the
thoughtful handling and care of each animal. She is trustworthy, caring, and an asset to our industry.

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7332 NW Rhode Ave Kansas City MO, 64152

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